It’s my intention that my work serves the purpose to help you embody your Higher Self, to bring Heaven to Earth, and to live in Unity Consciousness.

"Fadia's work helped bring peace and clarity to our home. I'm immensely grateful for her." ~ Karen Kuchel

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Articles about Ascension

Turning off the thinking box.

I was 12 years old when I started to take English language lessons. One of the first things that the teacher told us was: " You need to turn off the Portuguese. You can't think in Portuguese and translate it into English. It won't work! You need to think in...

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What is Energy Field, and why do we do Energy Hygiene?

Energy Field is the energy that surrounds our body, also known as Aura. It has multiple layers to it, and it expands as we grow in awareness and consciousness. It's like a big multi-dimensional antenna receiving and radiating energy. A machine that, once we know...

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Awareness versus Consciousness.

Recently I was in a Clubhouse room where some asked "Does a rock have consciousness?" This question opened an interesting discussion that boiled down to what we understand as Awareness and Consciousness. And here is what I understand: Awareness is how we intake...

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InbodyLight Vocabulary

Welcome to my website and InbodyLight's world. I'm so happy you are here! I want to help you navigate this site and the information you'll find here. Below are some words and terms I use throughout my site, blogs, and posts and how I interpret them. This way, you...

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