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I’m so happy you are here!
I want to help you navigate this site and the information you’ll find here.

Below are some words and terms I use throughout my site, blogs, and posts and how I interpret them. This way, you get me.


  • Ascension: is the process of spiritual evolution that planet Earth (Gaia) and humanity are undergoing. We leave a 3rd dimension matrix of existence and go into a higher frequency plane of the 5th dimension. This process of ascending in form ( in the body) has never been done in All That Is. So ascension is a big deal. You ARE a big deal.
  • Astral Plane: a realm where astral beings, entities, false gods and archetypes, and mythology exist. It’s an in-between plane (between matter and non-matter, between 3rd and 5th dimensions).
  • Aura: also auric field and energy field. The field of energy that surrounds the body. The chakras and many other components form it.
  • Chakras: a Sanskrit word used for energy portals/centers in the bodies
    ( physical, etheric, mental, emotional, and spiritual). These portals exist throughout the bodies and outside them. Thus, one can choose to work with an endless amount of chakras. The energy field functions better when they are clear and balanced.
  • Clairvoyance: the ability that allows one to see beyond form through the veils of dimensions. Ability to see energy as colors and shapes.
  • Collective of Light: Light beings from the 5th dimension and higher who are assisting humanity at this moment. When I refer to them, I have in mind: Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Hathors, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others who I connect in the 7th dimension and higher.
  • 3rd dimension: is the dimension of existence where duality exists: good and bad, light and dark. The focus is on individual expressions. We have the divine feminine and divine masculine separate; it’s a realm of separation. Time is linear, and it’s a plane with matter and denser vibrations.
  • 4th dimension: is the first dimension without form (body), where all the thoughts we think go, where the astral planes exist, where some souls go when they leave the body. It doesn’t have the matter, but the vibration is still dense and playing in separation—the concept of linear time: past-present-future doesn’t exist.
  • 5th dimension: is a dimension of higher frequencies and less density.
    We start experiencing Unity Consciousness or the Law of One. Only the now moment exists. And our abilities ( telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.) are expanded.
  • Higher Self: is the aspect of oneself that is closest to Creator Source. Eternal, omnipresent, fully conscious, and omniscient.
  • Illusion: everything that isn’t of the Light and is based on separation.
  • Implants: distortions found in our energy field, inside chakras, or other aspects of our fields. Clairvoyantly, they look like distorted geometries, and they usually serve as an interface for illusion. They can be the root cause of physical, mental, emotional, or energetic imbalance. They usually distort the frequency of one’s energy field. They can be extracted and transmuted when found.
  • InbodyLight: my brand name is a play on words meaning embodiment of Light and Light in the body.
  • Inserts of illusion: it’s another term to say implants.
  • Lightbody: a multidimensional vehicle. A multilayered template that is consciously activated, expanded, and integrated. It’s the vehicle for seating the Higher Self and Ascension. It’s available to each incarnated being on the planet; attention and intention are required to activate it. It starts with managing the energy field, the thoughts, emotions, and belief systems that affect the vibration. Mindfulness is key.
  • Merkaba: shaped like a star tetrahedron. It’s an upgrade of the energy field. Its activation allows the download and integration of more significant amounts of Light in the auric field.
  • Soul: the true essence of human beings. The aspect of our existence that dwells within the body. Pure light energy.
  • Star tetrahedron: is sacred geometry. It’s the intersection of 2 tetrahedrons ( pyramids), one representing the feminine and the other representing the masculine. We have chakras shaped like star tetrahedrons.
  • Timelines: possibilities of experiences in this realm. When I look clairvoyantly, I see them as bubbles floating. Our choices at each moment decide which one of the timelines grounds and becomes an experience in form.

In Light,


Hi, I’m Fadia.

I’m an Aura Alchemist assisting you to understand, manage and expand your energy field.

I work with the assistance and support from the Collective of Light, Essenes, Elohim, Archangelic Realm, Hathors, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others; to bring forth the information and energetics to assist my clients in uncovering and transmuting energy that is affecting their experience.

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