It’s my intention that my work serves the purpose to help you embody your Higher Self, to bring Heaven to Earth, and to live in Unity Consciousness.

"Fadia's work helped bring peace and clarity to our home. I'm immensely grateful for her." ~ Karen Kuchel

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Articles about Twin Flame

What are Twin Flames

Did you notice that we've been hearing a lot the term Twin Flames lately? It's showing up on social media posts everywhere, celebrities gossip, memes, and groups talking about it. Most information out there gives the impression that Twin Flames is a kind of...

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InbodyLight Vocabulary

Welcome to my website and InbodyLight's world. I'm so happy you are here! I want to help you navigate this site and the information you'll find here. Below are some words and terms I use throughout my site, blogs, and posts and how I interpret them. This way, you...

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