Here you’ll find guided meditations, audios, and workshops that I have created along my many years (and many lifetimes) of studying energy and metaphysics.

“Fadia’s work helped bring peace and clarity to our home. I’m immensely grateful for her.” ~ Karen Kuchel

Monthly ✨LIVE✨ Energy Activation

💫The Love and Light that are flowing are unprecedented since we started playing in the 3rd dimensional game.

These are magnificent times to be alive on the planet!

It’s incredible, but we can’t ascend taking baggage with us.

We must individually clear the veils and densities from our energy fields. In a journey of unbecoming, remembering the truth of who we are.

This isn’t difficult, but some assembly is required.

So let’s embrace these energies and the thinning of veils and propel ourselves in our Ascension journeys!

📍These LIVE ACTIVATIONS will be on Zoom, and each month will be a specific date and time that I’ll announce. Are you ready to step up your game? Join me!