Release Trapped Emotions

Do you know those days and circumstances that create anxiety, fear, overwhelm or even panic?

You feel it on your body.

Your body tenses up and your breathing change.

Fogginess takes over, throughout your day every moment starts to get harder and your overall environment seems to be working against you.

The Tree Meditation is here to shift that.

The Tree Meditation is here to shift your emotions.

The Tree Mediation is a brief guided meditation created to assist you in shifting your emotions quickly.

You’ll release the energetic charge created by the thoughts and emotions.

As you become calmer and more centered, your body stops going in stress mode and you are able to relax.

This short meditation can be used anytime and anywhere when you feel anxious, nervous, fearful or any overwhelming emotion.

Shift your Energy on-the-go!

Keep this meditation with you as any time you need to quickly ground the energies of emotions, the Tree Meditation will be there to support you.
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