You have the Collective of Light ready to support you in your journey.

“Fadia’s work helped bring peace and clarity to our home. I’m immensely grateful for her.” ~ Karen Kuchel

Kind words from those that have worked with me:

“I had a truly incredible and profound experience with Fadia. She was extremely accurate with the issues I was dealing with at the time. She brings an angelic quality that is full of care, love and light.”

Colin Sinclair

“Authentic, connected, professional, wise, brilliant, empathic and loving are what make Fadia an amazing healer. I have had multiple sessions that have helped me release past karma and contracts that no longer serve me. After each session I feel shifted, lighter, freer and relieved. I have released a long past life of poverty consciousness which has opened me up to see and receive what my heart desires. I highly recommend her services without reservation”

Dr. Kevin Haddle

“OMG. I’m a bit speechless after my session with Fadia and her Akashic Records reading. One part made so much sense; I was surprised it hadn’t come earlier in dreams. It brought me tears during our session, as it explained patterns I’ve experienced my entire life! I had drainage of my sexual energy and finances in my second chakra. She identified it and put a stop to it! Yesterday, for no reason, I received random calls for jobs and opportunities. I noticed the timing of it all with fascination and delight.
I love practical magic, and I can’t recommend Fadia’s work enough!”

Tanya Mallot

“I highly recommend Fadia! She’s amazing! She moved me through a major energy shift, and I cannot recommend her more highly!”

Angela Kristen Taylor

“My 2 year old was seeing spirits, but it didn’t seem to be like other people’s experience of this, and he was terrified to go to sleep. It was a difficult time for all of us, especially as I just had no idea what was happening, and nothing we did seemed to change the situation. When I spoke to Fadia, I was instantly comforted because she could explain what was happening and why, and her work helped bring some peace and clarity to our home. I’m immensely grateful for her.”

Karen Kuchel

“Fadia is my spiritual sidekick! When I first hired Fadia for energetic cleansing, I could hardly afford paying for one session. 8 months later, I’m now paying for a package of 3 sessions easily and will continue to do so in the future. I’ve bought Fadia’s session for my best friend and my husband. I have grown leaps and bounds in my business since I’ve been assisted by Fadia’s wisdom and magic. Fadia is a modern day wizard and wise woman. As a highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneur, and as my business grew exponentially, my presence grew with a larger audience and I’m exposed to all sorts of energy online. Fadia is my secret to staying spiritually high vibrational in the work that I do to support my clients and my family. Even as a person who practices spiritual hygiene on a daily basis, I still need Fadia’s assistance to clear me from time to time. Just like you would need to go for a facial or a massage to maintain your vibrance. Keeping my auric field clean and clear has been crucial to grow my business. It also empowers me to be the best that I can be. With each session, Fadia helped me to see my potential and as a result of each cleansing, I uplevel so quickly that others are in awe at how I do it. I highly recommend Fadia to anyone who is highly sensitive and spiritual. Your business and soul will thank you!”

Jessie Chiang

It’s your turn now:

This session is focused on your romantic relationships and yourself.

We'll guide you through a deep clearing of your lower chakras and heart chakra of the energy of past lovers and any potential energy stagnant in the organs associated with these chakras.

We'll cut chords and transmute any blockages or drainages affecting your kundalini.

We'll consult your Akashic Records, use Sound Healing and Language of Light.

This session is focused on your current life experience.

We'll look at your energy field from higher dimensions and assist you to move stagnant energy, clear blocks, cut and release chords, extract and transmute implants.

We'll assist heal inner child woundings. We'll consult your Akashic records, use Language of Light and Sound Healing.

We'll also teach you about your aura and assist you in expanding it.

Would you like to:

  • Do group energy hygiene weekly
  • Feel a sense of togetherness
  • Step out of the fast-paced life to a serene and soothing container
  • Learn about the current energies and how to navigate them.
  • Calm down and feel more centered and grounded.
  • Have more discipline in your spiritual practice by showing up weekly
  • Learn new tools
  • Receive more personalized guidance

Join us inside a magical container intended for spiritual support and growth.

  • Did you meet your Twin Flame, or know you have one?
  • Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed?
  • Are you confused by the online information about twin flames you read on social media, blogs, posts, and videos?
  • Do you crave a community where you are heard and supported?
  • Would you like to know information straight from the Twin Flame council?

Join us in Twin Flame Circle.

A virtual community to support you on your Twin Flame journey


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