You have the Collective of Light ready to support you in your journey.

“Fadia’s work helped bring peace and clarity to our home. I’m immensely grateful for her.” ~ Karen Kuchel

Sometimes, you get stuck and don’t even know where to begin.


There are many questions, and you are unsure if you can trust your intuition.

You need an extra set of eyes to assist you with your blind spots.


You don’t need to do this work alone.


I’m here to help you with the assistance of Source, the Krysted Collective of Light, the Dragon realm, and especially your Oversoul, who are eager to help and guide your spiritual journey.


As you heal and expand, you are helping yourself plus humanity, and our beautiful planet to experience more Love and Light.
Let us guide you and show you a way.

There are currently group and private services to support you in your journey.

Please take a look at the offerings below and see what you feel most called to sign up.

  • are you constantly attracting the same kind of partner?
  • do you see patterns in your relationships, but you are not sure how to break them?
  • do you have an ex who you just can’t let go of?
  • did you have a heartbreak, and your heart doesn’t seem to mend?
  • are you feeling sad, unfulfilled, and or lonely when it comes to your love life?
  • are you ready to let go of the past’s hurt and create space in your heart for self-love and joy?
  • are you ready to prepare for your soulmate or Twin Flame?
  • have you actually found THE one and you are wondering how to take this relationship to the next level of intimacy and love?
  • are you ready to fall in love with yourself again?

I am here to help you in this process!

Let’s look at your energy field and clear the energies that could be possibly draining you, blocking you from meeting someone, draining your sexual energy, killing your mojo.

Did you know that what can be affecting you right now could be something from a past life?

Regardless of your love life status, you can benefit from looking at your energy field and clearing what’s not serving you anymore.
Let’s clear the way for the sacredness of ❤️


Fee: US$333

  • are you experiencing patterns of energy that you don’t want?
  • are you feeling stuck?
  • lack of clarity?
  • sad , overwhelmed, anxious with or without a reason?
  • your relationship with others and/or yourself sucks right now?
  • does it look like that s—t just hit the fan for you?
  • ascension symptoms kicking full blast
  • need assistance to download and expand your field?

I can help!

In a 90 minute session, I work with the assistance of the Collective of Light, your Higher Self and your guides. I look clairvoyantly at your aura (energy field) multidimensionally and assist you with moving the energy of what may be affecting you physically, etherically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

This energy session is a very organic process and very effective in providing guidance and transmuting karma, stuck energy, karmic soul contracts. We will look at Akashic records, use sound healing and sometimes language of Light. You will get an expansive view of what’s going on guided by your Higher Self.

** Please note that will last between 70 to 90 minutes for best results you will need more than one session ***

Fee: US$333 (3 sessions package for $888)

Are you experiencing:

  • Intense energy projections into your aura and physical body?
  • Vivid dreams and nightmares of being attacked, chased, or hurt?
  • Things falling and breaking around you and in your house?
  • Lack of sleep or feeling like you’re being awakened from your sleep?
  • Heavy mental fogginess during certain times of the day?
  • Weird things happening around you?
  • People attacking you verbally or picking up a fight out of nowhere?
  • A sudden and evident increase in noise and disruption when you meditate or try to raise your vibration?
  • An increase in arguments in your house?

If you say yes to any of these, you may be experiencing Psychic Attacks.

We’re living in very intense times; the holograph (the world as we see it) is quite unstable. The 3D matrix is crumbling, and shifts are happening quickly.

So, these are the Transition times in humanity’s Ascension.

Therefore, the mass consciousness fields, people’s aura, and everywhere may be the energy flows of fear, uncertainty, and other densities moving.

These can find an interface in your aura.
But there are times that energy is targeted, and it’s aiming at you!!!!
You know it!
You feel it!
You’ve seen it!

But you don’t know how to stop it!
Psychic Attacks happen when energy projections target your aura and bodies.
It’s aiming at you, no doubt!

No matter how targeted the energy is, it only enters your aura because an interface allows it in. It doesn’t matter who is sending the psychic attack; what matters is that you can stop it!


So this is where we can help you!


  • Did you meet your Twin Flame, or know you have one?
  • Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed?
  • Are you confused by the online information about twin flames you read on social media, blogs, posts, and videos?
  • Do you crave a community where you are heard and supported?
  • Would you like to know information straight from the Twin Flame council?

Join us in Twin Flame Circle.

A virtual community to support you on your Twin Flame journey

Would you like to:

  • Do group energy hygiene weekly
  • Feel a sense of togetherness
  • Step out of the fast-paced life to a serene and soothing container
  • Learn about the current energies and how to navigate them.
  • Calm down and feel more centered and grounded.
  • Have more discipline in your spiritual practice by showing up weekly
  • Learn new tools
  • Receive more personalized guidance

Join us inside a magical container intended for spiritual support and growth.

This is a 1:1 training to assist you through a custom-tailored program by you and for you.

We’ll work together for 6 months to increase your intuition, skills, and overall spiritual growth.
This will require a commitment on your part and the desire to grow in your spiritual journey and life.

You’ll learn multiple tools, the knowledge that I collected from various sources along the 20 years of studying metaphysics and grow exponentially in your spiritual journey.