Are you experiencing Psychic Attacks?

Let’s get you shielded, protected and back to your power and life!

You can be very high-frequency and super positive and still be psychically attacked.

In my observations, the higher the frequency, the more you can become a target depending on your Soul’s origin and karmic experience.

I’ve been there!

I remember waking up feeling great, then sitting to clear and set my energy field. As soon I’d raise my frequency, I’d start feeling dense mental fogginess and sometimes sharp electrical pains on my scalp. I felt helpless and relatively unproductive.

This would happen every day until I found the implant that served as the entrance point for these energy projections.

I know that talking about psychic attacks or any form of “dark” energy is a taboo within the spiritual community.

After all, “we are all ONE,” right?


But one truth doesn’t negate other truths!

We live in a world of polarity, and where there is Light, you find dark.

You can’t keep spiritually bypassing your experience, suffering in silence, or feeling shame because ” you should” feel a certain way or your frequency be in a certain way.

Or, as someone once said to me in an audio app room:

“We’re all one; if you want to be at war with the dark, it’s your problem. We can send unconditional love and Light. When the vibe is high, there is only Light.”

Even though this is a common perception in some circles within the spiritual community, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

We’ve been in a spiritual war for thousands of years, so many distortions and mutations were created to disempower humans and give access to illusion in your aura.

The ability to understand how energy is affecting us is a first step into claiming our freedom and sovereignty from this inverted Light matrix we live in.

It is  your turn now!

What happens during the Sacred Shielding session?

I work with the assistance and guidance of YOUR Oversoul, Dragon Realm, and Krysted Living Light beings from 12D and higher. So, if you allow me, I’ll say “we.”

We scan your aura and uncover and transmute any inorganic imprints, extract implants, curses, spells, vows, thoughts, and emotions that serve as the entrance point.

We’ll look in your Akashic records to transcend the root cause: karmic, ancestral, inner child, implant, or other inorganic imprints, and even look into the unconscious and subconscious thoughts, emotions, and belief systems creating the interface.

This isn’t a session where we’ll explore Akashic records or timelines.

The work is precise in extracting and transmuting what allows you to get psychically attacked.


Then, we’ll teach you how to shield yourself as guided and instructed by your Oversoul.

This work is done with exceptional energy integrity.

And it isn’t about finding out who is attacking you or, even worse, sending it back or doing anything about it. It’s about you and your aura only.

👉🏼 This session is online and lasts between 90-120 minutes. It’s recorded, and you receive the recordings within 72 hours.

Please schedule when you can take the rest of the day off work, and you don’t need to drive.

“My session with Fadia: While Fadia was working on me, I felt the energy traveling through my body. As she removed layers, I felt one layer after another removed from my lower back, chakras, fascia, etc. As the energy flowed, it ignited a heat from within, clearing anything causing distortions within the cells.

As we ended the session, I felt my cells rejoicing in their liberation. My entire body had a warm fuzzy feeling, and I felt a harmonious buzz all over. There was so much flow that my cheeks flushed like I had just had an awesome workout afterward. I could literally feel every cell vibrating at a higher frequency. I felt like I was on the web and flow of the universe.

A few days afterward, I noticed my relationships, which I had struggled with before, flowed much smoother—especially family. Brain fog improved. My visions are clearer and more precise. My downloads come in with more clarity. My physical/mental ailments are improving daily. My body is more supple and less rigid. And my favorite part is that my creativity and confidence are exploding. I have a hunger for life now like I have never had before.

Fadia’s session was unlike any other I have experienced. There is no doubt that she is in tune with the Creator’s frequency.
I look forward to working with Fadia again soon. Thank you, Fadia, for all that you do for humanity.”


Kundalini Rose, USA

“Embarking on the journey of Akashic record clearing with Fadia was a truly magical experience. I’m still convinced Fadia is an angelic being sent to help heal deep ancestral wounds in this timeline. The session felt as if I was transported to a sacred space, a realm beyond the constraints of time and space.

I was met by a wise and compassionate gatekeeper who exuded a palpable sense of ancient wisdom and unconditional love.
As we delved into the depths of my soul’s records, I was met with a tapestry of experiences, each woven with threads of light and shadow. The gatekeeper’s guidance was gentle yet firm, leading me through the intricate web of my past, present, and potential future. In each record, I encountered curses and dark shadow works that had lingered like hidden cobwebs in the corners of my soul.

With the gatekeeper’s support, I summoned the courage to face these shadows head-on. We worked to close and cancel these contracts, freeing me from the weight of their influence. It was a process of profound alchemy, as old wounds were transmuted into newfound strength and clarity.

As the last echoes of each contract dissolved, I could feel a palpable shift in my energy field. A sense of lightness and expansiveness washed over me like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. I emerged from this sacred space with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to my true self.

The experience of Akashic record clearing was not just a healing but a homecoming—a reclamation of my soul’s true essence. I am filled with gratitude for this transformative journey and for the gatekeeper’s guidance. This sacred practice has opened new doors within my spiritual path, illuminating the way forward with a radiant light that will forever guide my steps.” Thank you, Fadia you are truly a healer of healers, and I am so grateful for you”


Nata Jack, Ireland

It is your turn!

Transform your energetic field now