You ready to

atTune to your

You are a multidimensional being…

And so is your energy field!

We, as humanity, are in the process of awakening and expanding collectively and in our own individual spiritual journeys.

Our beautiful planet Earth is receiving amounts of Light and Love never seen before on the planet since we started playing in this 3rd-dimensional realm.

We want more Light and Love, but if our bodies are not ready to receive and integrate it, it can cause some discomforts.

And, getting rid of these discomforts goes beyond walking barefoot on Earth, hugging a tree, or a yoga session.

It’s like trying to put too many things in a small container. It doesn’t work!


  • feel stuck in a pattern of behavior or experience
  • feel overwhelmed, drained, uncertain, and emotional
  • may be experiencing ascension symptoms that are exacerbated: dizziness, headaches, neck and back pain, ringing in your ears
  • had a spiritual awakening and is not sure what is going on with your body
  • feel scattered, mental fog, and inability to focus
  • had changes in your sleep pattern
  • are experiencing clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and not know how to manage them
  • are awake but feel a bit lost and unsure
  • are a healer always assisting others and need some help for yourself now
  • Ascension, who? What?

Well, beloved,

You’re not alone.


When you can clear the noise within your own energy field, it’s like changing to more comfortable clothes.

Your energy field is the container that holds your energy; in other words, your aura is the home for your energy. As you expand, so does your home.

As you create the space, activate and integrate parts of your field, you will notice that your intuition increases, you feel lighter, more focused, you can receive and integrate more downloads of energy with ease and grace.

As you expand, you may start tapping into your own superpowers: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. These aren’t gifts; they are skills that you develop as you expand in consciousness and awareness.

The spiritual journey is more than just affirmations and positive thinking!

You need to do the inner and assemble some parts.

Good news…

You don’t need to do it alone! ( you are never truly alone anyways!)

Imagine now you….


  • feeling lighter, without any interference of old energetic baggage holding you back,
  • cleared of the karmic patterns that trapped you in patterns for so long,
  • cleared of generational curses, contracts, promises, vows, and other illusion imprints that were never seen or conscious,
  • healed of some of your inner child woundings
  • focused on what matters in your life right now with the certainty of owning your energy field without giving your power away!



Let me introduce you to…….

The Sacred Soul Session is designed to support you with your energy field (aura) by assisting you to move any potential stagnant energy and any energetic imprints that are affecting you at the moment.

Dealing with ascension symptoms and the expansions alone can be overwhelming.

This session is for those looking for assistance, guidance, and insights into their own energy and what could be going on.

During our session, I scan your aura from the Quantum field of the 12th dimension, where I can see your multidimensional auric field clairvoyantly. We’ll move any stagnant energy, any blocks of energy in your energy field.

We’ll look for the root cause of what is affecting your experience and bodies and assist you in making them conscious and transmuting them.

We’ll consult your Akashic Records as needed to give you information and clarity.

Language of Light and Sound is brought through for you during our time together.

The Sacred Soul Session is an energetic process created to assist you in learning more about who you are as a Soul.


You’ll be able to feel the shift right away as well as in the days and weeks that follow.

A new level of clarity and consciousness awaits you!


Now and who am I and why can I assist you with all of these?


Hi, I’m Fadia!

I am a multidimensional quantum mechanic, an aura alchemist, clairvoyant, and an energy guide.

I work with the assistance and support from the Christed Collective of Light from the 12th dimension and higher: Elohei- Elohim, Essenes, the Dragon realm, and others; to bring forth the information and energetics to assist my clients in uncovering and transmuting energy that is affecting their experience.

I scan my client’s energy field (aura) from the 12th dimension and higher, and from this perspective, I see their energy field and guide them to transmute cords, karma, contracts, and what is needed to clear the illusion of who they are not.


My work is done in complete alignment and integrity with the Cosmic Divine Mother!


I’m a healthcare provider and have studied metaphysics for over 20 years (and many lifetimes). I developed my techniques by doing my inner work. I’ve diligently worked on my aura, learning more about the parts and functions of each aspect. And all this work became proprietary ways of uncovering and transmuting many energetic imprints ( karma clearing, cord cutting, implant removal).

And the work continues to evolve as I grow and expand.

I’m also a fashion lover: jewelry, clothes, shoes, make-up! I love to marvel at the beauty of the work and creative process in making clothing and shoes and enjoy the beauty of my favorite gems as body adornments (jewelry). It’s a form of self-expression and having fun in the body. It makes my inner child happy!

In their  words… 

I highly recommend Fadia! She’s amazing! She moved me through a major energy shift, and I cannot recommend her more highly!

Angela Kristen Taylor

Authentic, connected, professional, wise, brilliant, empathic and loving are what make Fadia an amazing healer. I have had multiple sessions that have helped me release past karma and contracts that no longer serve me. After each session I feel shifted, lighter, freer and relieved. I have released a long past life of poverty consciousness which has opened me up to see and receive what my heart desires. I highly recommend her services without reservation

Dr. Kevin Haddle

It is  your turn now!

So what happens in the Sacred Soul session?

We’ll do a scan and reading of your energy field multidimensionally.
We (your Higher Self and I) will help you move stagnant energy and find the root cause of patterns of experience, cords, veils, implants, any interface of illusion affecting your bodies ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

We go to the root cause removing the interface that allowed its attachment too. You may need to clear vows, generational curses, inner child woundings or other aspects of illusion that may come up for healing.

You’ll be doing a deep clearing, activation, and expansion of your chakra system, meridians, and any aspect of your field that may need attention. During the session, we may have to tap into your Akashic Records.

We’ll most likely use Sound Healing and Light Language.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get messages from your guides and Collective of Light.

As you know, energy expansion is a journey, so you may need a few sessions to accomplish what you want to achieve.


Let’s embark on this multidimensional journey!


When you click to book your session, you’ll be redirected to my calendar. There you will be able to pick the best time + date for you.

Once the payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation with your booking time and zoom link for our virtual meeting.

Shortly after, you’ll receive an email from me with further instructions on how to prepare for our session. Please, read the email carefully, as how you show up for the session will impact our time together!


I’m looking forward to being of service for the highest good of your Soul and the highest good of All That Is, in divine order, in integrity and in Light.