✨Self Love Workshop✨


The Self-Love Healing and Activation Workshop was held live on 2/22/22 during one of the most powerful dates of the year.


We were guided and supported by Creator Source, Quan Yun, and her Love dragons and the Collective of Light.

During the workshop:

  • We go through a beautiful journey of healing frequencies of unworthiness, feeling less than or not good enough.
  • The clearing happens in each individual’s Akashic records; we clear several energetic imprints: karmic books, cords, implants, contracts.
  • Then Lady Quan Yun guides us to a beautiful activation and expansion of the heart chakra. Each one also gets to meet and interact with their Love dragons.

This is a very expansive and beautiful session that will leave you feeling fantastic and in a high frequency, assisting you to increase your self-love quotient.

Please remember that:


  • This file is non-shareable and non-transferable.
  • Make sure you don’t do this work while driving or operating any machinery.
  • Do not share any part of this workshop or any of Inbodylight’s materials without prior written consent.