The Twin Flame

🔥💞The Twin Flame Meditation

In this 3rd dimensional game, we had past lives with our twin flame.

Some were wonderful, but some created trauma that is now in your energy field.  🥀 And this cellular memory can trigger wounds of rejection, abandonment, pain, etc.

✨💫 On April 12th, 2022, we had the most magnificent planetary alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces; plus, all planets were forward.

The energy was so powerful yet soft and gentle that it felt like a romantic ballad to the Soul. 🌹🎶

On this beautiful night I channeled, directly from the Twin Flame Council, beautiful energetics to heal layers of trauma in past lives with your Twin Flame.

❤️ It’s time to clear energetic imprints that are keeping you separate from your twin flame or that make your twin flame relationship hard.


This audio was recorded live in an audio app, and it’s my gift to you.


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