What are Twin Flames

Did you notice that we’ve been hearing a lot the term Twin Flames lately?

It’s showing up on social media posts everywhere, celebrities gossip, memes, and groups talking about it.

Most information out there gives the impression that Twin Flames is a kind of relationship. They say it’s an intense relationship, a rollercoaster of emotions; one is the chaser, the other is a runner, frustration when apart, and bliss when together—passionate, hot, messy, nerve-wracking.

This topic seems to have awakened in many people the longing for the ultimate romantic love. And, does that even exist?

So, to shed some light on the topic, here are some answers from a higher perspective ( aka, what I heard from the Collective of Light):


What does a Twin Flame mean?

Twin Flame is a being who is part of one’s Soul alignment and not a kind of relationship. One doesn’t have a twin flame relationship; one has a twin flame or not.


What exactly are Twin Flames?

Creator Source, in her/his desire to experience herself/himself, created the Soul Monads. And, each Soul Monad is divided into 12 different aspects.

Each one of these 12 aspects, as they entered the 12th dimension, created Soul extensions. These soul extensions were traveling through space and all of Source’s creations when they noticed that they may enter mutated worlds and denser forms of experience ( aka our planet as it is now). “Could we go so far in density that we would forget who we are?” They needed to do something about this!

So in service to humanity and All That Is, some of the Soul extensions split in two. Each holds the Soul’s full expression; one has the Divine Feminine and the other the Divine Masculine (please note that this doesn’t correlate to physical gender, Twin Flames can be the same gender).

In other words, a twin flame isn’t a half that will only complete if they meet their Twin.

Each Twin is whole as is.

Not all beings have Twin Flames. If you have a twin flame, your Twin can be incarnated at the same time or not. Some twin flames will choose to stay in higher dimensions as part of the support team, merged with their Higher Self, instead of being in a body. Like a guardian angel of their Twin who is on Earth.

When Twin Flames choose to incarnate at the same period, they may or may not meet.
If they meet, they may or may not pursue a relationship.
And of the ones who pursue a relationship, not all may have agreed to merge in form.


What’s the purpose of Twin Flames?

Twin Flames exist as an act of Love for All that Is. These Souls separated, knowing that they were coming into denser realms of experience. They created this possibility of Twin Flame union in form as a mechanism to accelerate Unity Consciousness, like the block that, if lifted, can dismantle the entire 3rd dimension game.

In other words, Twin Flame is a journey that one agrees on embarking upon before coming into this planet, eons of time ago.

If you believe you have a Twin Flame and that you’ll meet or have already met yours, you may be asking yourself the what, how and why’s about this topic.

You may be confused and think that no one understands how you feel about your Twin Flame. Heck! You might not even have met your Twin yet, but you are already dreaming about them. They can come to your dreams before they show up in your life.

You may have met your Twin Flame, and you aren’t together now, or you are together, and it just feels intense AF!

Regardless of where you are now, please know that you are not alone.
Your angels, guides, the entire Collective of Light are watching over you and assisting you on your path. And this path leads you to a deeper understanding of who you are and how you relate to other humans, yourself, and the world.

See, Twin Flames are the mirrors. They may bring all the unhealed aspects of yourself: your fears, your insecurities, your shadows.

Are you ready to let go of who you are not?

Are you ready to be Soul naked in front of yourself?

Are you ready to step into a journey of deep healing, self-knowledge, self-expansion, and self-love?

In Light,


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