What is Spiritual Ascension?

What does Spiritual Ascension actually mean?

The first time I heard someone say, ” We are in Spiritual Ascension.” I was intrigued and equally puzzled. What the heck does that mean?

Are we all just simply leaving this 3rd dimension plane and going to the 5th dimension? So what happens to the body? Oh, wait, then, is it death?
Suppose I’m leaving my body behind. Nooooo, I like having a body!

Maybe, an advanced intergalactic civilization will park their spaceship on Earth and w’all hop in and go somewhere else? But, naaaah, that would be deserting this beautiful planet. And, pleaaaaase, stop waiting for a savior! We don’t need saviors; we can save ourselves!

Quickly, I realized I was trying to understand a process from my 3rd-dimensional thinking box, which doesn’t help.
So I focused on myself and my own energy field. I wanted to release the thoughts, emotions, belief systems that no longer served me. Learning about the pieces and parts of my energy field became a fun challenge.


I noticed that every time I released a veil, my awareness and consciousness expanded.


And, with each expansion came more knowledge and growth of my abilities ( clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.).

And the more I observed, the more I saw that secret lies in our own energy field. I could see more parts of my energy field. And after activation and integration, another layer shows up.

And then, the light bulb went off!!

The journey of Ascension is about the mastery of the energy field: as one expands the energy field, one is activating the Lightbody and, ultimately, embodying the Higher Self in form ( yes, your Higher Self inside your body!)

The Lightbody is the vehicle for multidimensional existence and the embodiment of the Higher Self.

The Lightbody has multiple layers that need to be activated, expanded, and integrated. Therefore, it requires attention and intention and a certain level of commitment to self-growth and expansion.

When one achieves the embodiment of the Higher Self in their Lightbody, one is in a body on Gaia but operating from much higher frequencies and dimensions.


In other words, you don’t go to the 5th dimension; you bring the 5th dimension to Earth.


The Collective of Light shared that this process of Ascension, as humanity agreed on at this time, has never been done in All That Is. A civilization ascending from denser to higher planes/frequencies of existence while in a body is quite a feat!

So, as I sit in the consciousness and awareness I currently hold, my understanding of the process of Spiritual Ascension is: the embodiment of the Higher Self in the Lightbody and bringing the existence on Gaia to a 5th dimension or higher planes of existence.

We are bringing Heaven to Earth.

In Light,


Hi, I’m Fadia.

I’m an Aura Alchemist assisting you to understand, manage and expand your energy field.

I work with the assistance and support from the Collective of Light, Essenes, Elohim, Archangelic Realm, Hathors, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others; to bring forth the information and energetics to assist my clients in uncovering and transmuting energy that is affecting their experience.

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