Awareness versus Consciousness.

Recently I was in a Clubhouse room where some asked

“Does a rock have consciousness?”

This question opened an interesting discussion that boiled down to what we understand as Awareness and Consciousness.

And here is what I understand:

Awareness is how we intake information. It depends significantly on perception. And, perceptions go through the lenses of filters ( belief systems, conscious and unconscious patterns, and others.).
It’s affected by vibration, mental and emotional states, and attention points.

Consciousness is how one processes the information received. It’s how we create our belief systems or how we reframe our beliefs and past experiences. Our Consciousness affects our vibration, our mental and emotional bodies, and how we relate to the world around us.
It creates our experience.

Awareness and Consciousness go hand-in-hand; as one increases in Consciousness, one expands their Awareness.

My answer to the question? Yes, a rock has Consciousness.

It has the Consciousness of the thought that created it into existence. It has the Consciousness of the mineral kingdom and this beautiful planet.

In Light,


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