What is Energy Field, and why do we do Energy Hygiene?

Energy Field is the energy that surrounds our body, also known as Aura.

It has multiple layers to it, and it expands as we grow in awareness and consciousness. It’s like a big multi-dimensional antenna receiving and radiating energy. A machine that, once we know the parts, we can uncover and upgrade to a new one.

So what are the parts of the energy field?

Let’s start with the bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They can expand, merge or collapse as we increase the Light quotient in the body and activate layers of the Lightbody.

Next, we have several energy portals, also known by the Sanscrit name chakras. They exist on the front and back of the body and in all bodies.
They are connected to our internal organs. We have chakras on the body and outside the body as part of our energy field. They may move position, and they expand as we upgrade.

Then we have the Meridians that run through the etheric body as highways for the flow of energy in the body (Qi). They run in pairs throughout the body, hands, and feet. They are connected to major organs systems ( the 12 main ones) and have multiple acupuncture points.

As we start removing the veils of who we are not from our energy field, we begin: activating the layers of the Lightbody, upgrading the chakra system, activating the axiational and axitonal lines, spin points, sacred geometries, and more aspects of our energy field. So more on all of that later!

Now, imagine you have this high-tech equipment operating all day around your body, receiving and sending out energy and collecting energy inside. It reaches a point when we need to clear, clean what isn’t ours from inside it.

Our energy field collects thoughts (electric) and emotions (electromagnetic). These can be ours and other people’s.
And it collects the energy of electronics, computers, cell phones, etc.

Now imagine all this input and information inside your “bubble.”
It’s a lot, huh? It can cause distraction, mental fogginess, lower your vibration, make you feel drained. Especially in the last year or so, when we are experiencing a busier than ever world outside us.

So cleaning our energy field becomes part of our wellbeing and awareness. It helps us maintain our Aura intact and our vibration matching only our energetic input.

The secret sauce for wellbeing in the body lies in the Energy Field.

If you want my support in  clearing your Energy Field, that is one of the many process I go over with my clients on each Sacred Soul Session. Find out more here.

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Hi, I’m Fadia.

I’m an Aura Alchemist assisting you to understand, manage and expand your energy field.

I work with the assistance and support from the Collective of Light, Essenes, Elohim, Archangelic Realm, Hathors, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others; to bring forth the information and energetics to assist my clients in uncovering and transmuting energy that is affecting their experience.

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