Turning off the thinking box.

I was 12 years old when I started to take English language lessons. One of the first things that the teacher told us was: ” You need to turn off the Portuguese. You can’t think in Portuguese and translate it into English. It won’t work! You need to think in English.”

That was the best piece of advice I ever got as I learned other languages. Each language has its own energy, culture, and a unique process to master it.

So you don’t learn a new language by thinking about it in your native language. Instead, you absorb and embody the new language.
So much so that if you are like me, when distracted, you can use different languages in the same sentence. And I don’t even notice when I do it.

The same is true for energy and other realms of existence.

If you try to define, categorize and elaborate all things energy with your thinking box, you may feel like you are in a hamster wheel.

Our mind was programmed, mutated, and limited to enable us to play in the 3rd-dimensional game.

How else would we forget how powerful energetic beings we are, right?

And, we have the ego there to keep us safe, and, wait… you are stepping into unknown frontiers of thought… “noooo!” says the ego, “you need to think this through!”

Your thinking box is not your friend. Yes, I’m for real when I say that…
One can have other people’s thoughts, other people’s energy in the center of their head, mass consciousness projections, energy projections, and illusion flowing through their mind.

Did you ever stop to consider if the thoughts you are thinking are indeed yours?

You start to meditate, and thoughts come into your head ( monkey mind, anyone?). You are moving energy, and your mind is thinking of your next question or something else. It isn’t allowing you to be fully present in the moment.

And then, you argue for the limitations of the mind:
“Is this for real?”
“But I can’t see it or hear it! So it’s not part of reality.”
” I’m in the 3rd dimension, so I have to look at it from this view.”

Sounds familiar?

I’d like to invite you to turn off your thinking box and connect with your heart next time you meditate and move energy. You don’t fight the thoughts or push them away. Instead, you allow them to be there like white noise. And you bring your attention to your breath and heart.

As you ground and clear your energy field, clearing the thoughts and emotions that aren’t yours, you’ll feel more centered and connected. Allow yourself to be fully present.

And ask yourself, ” Who is at the center of my head?”

Is it your mother or father?
Your first-grade teacher?
The priest at the church or the nun at the school, when you were a child?

Who is in the center of your head taking up space, infiltrating your thoughts, and not allowing you to be fully present in the now?

Where is the lack of permission to surrender to the present coming from?
A belief system? An inner child wounding?

There are many layers to be explored and possibly transmuted in our spiritual growth and evolution. We can re-wire our brains, work in the mental and emotional bodies, and transmute cellular memories. If you need any assistance with this work, I can gladly assist you.

Next time you learn something new about energy or higher realms, don’t try to make it fit what you know. Instead, open yourself to more expanded possibilities.

In Light,


Hi, I’m Fadia.

I’m an Aura Alchemist assisting you to understand, manage and expand your energy field.

I work with the assistance and support from the Collective of Light, Essenes, Elohim, Archangelic Realm, Hathors, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others; to bring forth the information and energetics to assist my clients in uncovering and transmuting energy that is affecting their experience.

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