Did you notice how the world seems to be noisier every day?

Are you feeling the intensity of the energies lately?

Do you crave a sense of togetherness and sacred spaces?

Come to my home where it is serene, calm, and uplifting.


It’s where you let go of the overwhelm and anxiety from the energies of your day and find wellbeing.

Ascension Circle is the home of the Energy Hygiene meditation and other tools & teachings to support you in your daily life.

What is Ascension?

You probably heard this term before, and it’s more than a hot topic in the spiritual community or a woo-woo thing.

Ascension is the process of embodiment of higher aspects of one’s Soul ( Higher Self, Oversoul, etc.) into their energy field.

In other words, our energy field (aura, biophysical field) is upgrading so we can hold more Light in it. It’s like we’re upgrading the Soul’s vehicle.

The more room we open, the more Soul can come in = embodiment.

The entire planet and all humanity are undergoing this process right now.

👉🏼 Therefore, the Ascension process requires transmuting densities within the energy field, rewiring, and restructuring, plus DNA and Lightbody activations.

While many activations happen spontaneously with the Light codes flowing into the planet, layers of the densities in the aura and the rewiring and restructuring require attention and intention.

And right now, we’re living in unprecedented times in human evolution.

The energies flowing from the Creator Source into the planet are accelerated and sometimes intense. These energies activate every being, making our world busier, louder, and more chaotic.

Many are unaware of this chaos; only some have the tools or know how to manage these energy flows in their bodies.

Therefore, many people are complaining of sleep disturbances, tiredness, body aches, ringing in the ears, vibration in the body, and others.

Ascension symptoms are the signs and symptoms one could feel when receiving a lot of energy, and the body can’t manage or process all of it.

And that’s where the Ascension Circle comes to help.👇🏼

💫 The Ascension Circle💫

What is the Ascension Circle?

The Ascension Circle is an online community focused on your energetic wellbeing.

It’s where you are supported, guided, and learn how to manage your energy field ( aura).

It’s the home of the Energy Hygiene that grounds, clears, and balances the aura.

✨ You choose the level of assistance and guidance you desire.

👉🏼 And, above all, you know it’s coming from an energetic integrity and commitment to expansion perspective.

I created a home. A sacred space, and I want to invite you in to experience togetherness, serenity and upliftment.


Who can benefit from Ascension Circle?

The Circle is for you if:

  • You’re experiencing ascension symptoms.
  • You know you need to meditate but fall asleep.
  • You’ve been feeling overwhelmed, tired, and drained.
  • You’re sensitive to energy and don’t know how to clear your aura.
  • You want more discipline, knowledge, and commitment to your spiritual path.
  • You want to learn new tools.
  • You want a community of like-minded people.
  • You want to know what is happening energetically every week.
  • You want an oasis for when the world feels chaotic.
  • You see the power of group work.
  • You love my energy hygiene and meditations.
  • You want to stay away from social apps and still meet with us.
  • You want accountability, high-frequency teachings, and community all in one place.
  • You want to get more serious about your spiritual growth
  • You want to increase your intuition.


What is included in the Circle?


Level 1

✨ Weekly Zoom meetings with:

  • energy updates
  • energy hygiene
  • Q&A


Level 2

Everything from Level 1 plus:

  • monthly teaching.
  • mentoring and coaching (mastermind level).
  • new energy tools and knowledge.
  • support and guidance in your life and spiritual journey.


How does it work?

Choose the level you want to participate in.

After processing your payment, you’ll be redirected to a members-only area.

At the same time, you’ll also receive an email confirmation of your membership purchase and a link to log into the member’s area.

Then you’ll be in and I’ll be waiting for you inside.

“I highly recommend Fadia to anyone who is highly sensitive and spiritual.” ~ Jessie Chiang